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Inchelium Red , what a great garlic. Inchelium was discovered at the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, Washington.  A large dense beautiful bulb, that is a Softneck/Artichoke type, with 9-20 cloves.  Inchelium Red's outer wrapper is thick, and gives it it's great keeping quality.  It has a very pleasing rich robust flavor with a medium pungency.  Inchelium Garlic won a National taste-testing contest as being the best tasting garlic in America a few years back.

 We use this one when we want a good rich garlic flavor with medium heat, although the heat mellows with cooking.  I love the depth of garlic flavor on this one.  Native to Washington State,  it has adapted well to growing in Northern Ohio Zone 6.  We are in zone 6 but we still get temps of below zero for a few days at a time, in winter. Naturally grown by Organic methods on our family farm.

Consider Inchelium Red as one of your choices for your home garden.  You won't regret it.

All our garlic is great for eating or planting.