Living the Dream Year by Year

Garlic growing is our passion and our business.  Our goal is to grow the best garlic possible.  We like keeping our operation small so extra care can be given to quality.  The farm is located in Northern Ohio in beautiful Olmsted Township.  We are a small grower situated on 6 acres.  We don't farm all of our land at present, although we have room to expand if we want to.

Our crops are Certified Naturally Grown, and are garlic, vegetables, some berries and fruit trees.  Some of our harvest of vegetables are sold at our home veggie stand, and the remainder we preserve by canning and freezing.  Our garlic is mainly sold online, with a small percentage sold right from the farm. 

Every year we improve our soil, mainly by adding good rich compost.  This year we have switched over a few of our garlic plots to a no-dig permaculture method. We would like our farm to be as close to nature as possible. By disturbing the soil minimally, we hope to achieve this.  Every time the earth is tilled, the microbes and worms are disturbed from doing their job, which is breaking the nutrients down to be available for our plants.  When they do this they naturally improve our soil, and also improve the quality of our garlic. More nutrients and minerals, including trace minerals become available for optimal growth.  We are anxious for this 2020 harvest using our new permaculture method.



Our Barn.