The early days

The Elephant Garlic and Dad's Rocambole growing started in the late 1950's.  It is unsure if my dad procured seed from somewhere or if it was growing on the property when they bought it.  He continued growing those two varieties until he passed away in 1993.  The property is still in the family, and the garlic is still growing like it always has.  There are some places by his old garden where it comes up on its own year after year.  Some of it is propagated and taken care of by a family member and produces a nice harvest every year.  

All the children have taken seed to grow on their own property through the years.  The Elephant Garlic and Rocambole we now grow is from the original property in Northern Ohio.

I have added to those original two varieties through the years.  We have been at our current farm since 1996 growing garlic.  Selling mainly at our vegetable stand on our farm, and at farmers markets.  We have now transitioned to online selling.