Garlic Varieties we Currently Grow

These are the Garlic Varieties we currently grow and sell in Ohio, Elephant Garlic, Inchelium Red, Music, Romanian Red, and two Rocemboles that we are experimenting with.

My favorites are Inchelium Red and Elephant.  Two very different Garlics used for different kinds of cooking.

Elephant Garlic is a mild sweeter garlic. A great addition when a sweeter, more subtle flavor it needed.  It is great when you take a warm piece of toast and rub a clove of fresh Elephant garlic on it then butter it.  Instant garlic bread, which we call garlic toast. Elephant Garlic gives you a wonderful garlic flavor with out being too "hot".  It is so mild that my 5 year old granddaughter loves it, and can't get enough.  Regular garlic is too spicy for her delicate tastebuds.

I love Elephant Garlic roasted.  It is mild and sweet when roasted.  Drizzle it with Olive Oil cover with foil and roast it in the oven.  Squeeze it out of the cloves on to fresh baked bread.  Oh my what a treat.

Inchelium Red , what a great garlic. It has a very pleasing rich flavor with a medium pungency.  It won a National taste-testing contest as being the best tasting garlic in America a few years back.  We use Inchelium Red when we want a good rich garlic flavor with medium heat, although the heat mellows with cooking.  I love the depth of garlic flavor on this one.  Inchelium Red is a mid-season  Artichoke type Soft neck.  Native to Washington State, it was discovered on an Indian reservation.


Music  A Hardneck Variety in the Procelain Family.  Mild flavor with a medium heat.  Very popular with home cooks.  Large cloves, easy to peel.  Being a Hardneck Music Garlic has a  complex flavor profile that customers love.


Romanian Red  A Hardneck variety in the Porcelain family. Large cloves, easy to peel. Said to have one of the highest Allicin content of garlics. Romanian Red adds a long lasting hot spicy bite to any dish. It heat carries thru to the meal being cooked. Great in barbecue sauce as a "secret ingredient".  You can make the same sauce with another garlic, but it won't have the kick without Romanian Red.  It's a hot one.

Our Rocemboles will probably be ready for sale next season 2022.  The one variety my dad started on his property in 1962, and has been passed down through four generations.  It was one we used ourselves because of the wonderful flavor.  We are propagating it so we can share it with our customers soon.

Rocemboles are the garlic of choice for chefs all over the world. They have a rich and complex flavor, with aromas and aftertastes that demand attention whenever they are used in cooking dishes.